Presentations at Babalon Rising

Presentations at Babalon Rising

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Radical Thelema: Presentations at Babalon Rising

Nuit is infinite space, Babalon welcomes all, but we are more limited. Thelemites are only human, striving to perfect ourselves through the lessons of incarnation. Radical Thelema dares us to dig to the root of Thelema – challenging us where we block our own progress and engaging our institutions where they create barriers to freedom. Radical Thelema unfolds the work of Babalon on Earth and calls every living soul home to the infinite love of Nuit.

Radical Thelema includes four presentations. Each can be experienced independently, asking questions, presenting tools, and suggesting avenues of experimentation. The presentations are rooted in historic research and contemporary Thelemic work while offering new philosophical and ritual ideas. Together they form a theoretical framework encouraging the construction of new rituals and other Thelemic works.

Radical Thelema

The initial presentation leverages the wisdom of the community through a structured discussion posing a series of questions on core topics:

  • post-Crowley Thelema
  • woman centered Thelema
  • queer Thelema
  • cultural appropriation in Thelema
  • secrecy
  • appropriate social action

Women’s Magick in Thelema

Who is the Woman Thelemite? She is the Scarlet Woman, the priestess of Babalon, the transgressive power of women’s sexuality. Babalon points us to the ancient Goddesses of Life and their priestesses in the Aeon of Isis. The Aeon of Osiris rejected the Goddess and elevated the God to the status of creator. In that aeon Western religion rejected the female divine and demonized women’s sexuality. In the New Aeon the Goddess comes roaring back! Babalon’s priestesses demand to be acknowledged magicians in our own right. Thelemites in this Aeon take up the task of balancing the Goddess and the God, re-sacralizing sexuality, and working as sisters, brothers and lovers with each other.

Theurgy and Thelema

“There is no part of me that is not of the gods.” What does that mean?

Thelema is a theurgic system rooted in Neo-Platonism. The Platonic philosophers were also Pagan priests and priestesses. They explained the soul’s descent into incarnation and the path of return to the realm of the gods. Recent scholarship re-links the philosophical texts to the practical rituals preserved in medieval grimoires and rediscovered in ancient texts.

This presentation reviews Liber Astarte in the context of contemporary and ancient theurgy. Theurgic ritual offers a deeper understanding of Nuit and Hadit, Babalon and Chaos, Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Baphomet, and of ourselves.

Sex, Love and Thelema

Crowley and other westerners learned sex magick partly from the teachings of other cultures. This presentation surveys the state of sex magick today, from Chinese texts through newly translated Tantras to Western esotericism. Directed sexual energy accomplishes thaumaturgy; theurgy responds to the call of Babalon and Nuit – unto me! The gendered magick of Thelema leads us to the realization of our own divinity through the sexual relationship of the human with the divine.


Shellay Maughan

March 25, 2016 at 3:51 pm

Sounds fascinating, I regret not being able to be there. Perhaps you could give these presentations in other venues, as a class series or a stand-alone event!


    Brandy Williams

    July 19, 2016 at 5:27 am

    I’ll be doing them at Vortex and at Sekhet-Maat, dates TBD!


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