Minneapolis Events Aug. 5-6!

Minneapolis Events Aug. 5-6!

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Loving the Gods: Getting to Know our Pagan Ancestors

It’s a sneak peek! I’ll be reading from my new book, For the Love of the Gods, The History and Modern Practice of Theurgy, Our Pagan Inheritance.

Follow the footsteps of history and discover the path to the gods! A silver thread connects us to our ancestors. Come meet a priestess, a soldier, a monk, and a courtesan who all practiced theurgy, a ritual approach to joining the company of the gods.

Sex, Love and Thelema

Sex: Thelemic magick is gendered. Both the priest and the priestess are necessary to accomplish the miracle of the Gnostic Mass. Even so women regularly encounter the idea that men actively work the magick of the system while women passively assist them. Some writers critique our sex magic writings and conclude that Thelemic sex magick exploits women. We will examine these ideas and discuss solutions.

Love: Directed sexual energy accomplishes thaumaturgy; theurgy responds to the call of Babalon and Nuit – unto me! New formulae construct the framework for women’s ritual exploration of the active sex magician role. The gendered magick of Thelema leads us to the realization of our own divinity through the sexual relationship of the human with the divine.

Thelema: At present there are two paths for women in Thelema: to experience the system as men and to represent the divine feminine as the priestess does in the Mass. How can women also walk the path of accomplishment as Thelemic magicians? We can deconstruct the formulations that prevent this and suggest avenues for women’s operative magick, including notes toward a “woman’s Mass”.

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