Jailbreaking the Goddess

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Jailbreaking the Goddess launches today! Lasara Firefox Allen’s new book smashes the Maiden-Mother-Crone mold. Today is a great day to order your copy. When you buy Jailbreaking the Goddess on July 8, 9, or 10, you’ll also access to a variety of gifts from magickal artists, writers, healers, and diviners. Gifts like guided meditations, Tarot readings, poetry, and more! A copy of my article “Feminist Thelema” is one of the launch gifts. Click the link to the launch page for more details.

A bit about the book: in Lasara’s vision the goddess is young and old, creative and wise, and above all strong. This is a Goddess who can map onto our own journeys at any part of our life. Lasara’s gentle, fierce, and wise work guides us through the process of rebuilding our sense of ourselves as holy through relationship to these new faces of the Goddess.

Here’s the launch page!
It has all the info about the gifts and how to get them.