In The Woman Magician where Judith Laura’s Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics is referenced, the following corrections should be made:

In “Illustration 3 Tree of Life Judith Laura One” on page 162, the gender label of “Geburah” should be female.

In “Illustration 4 Tree of Life Judith Laura Two,” also on page 162, the labeling of Keter should be changed to male. There are 6 male Sefirot.

The paths in “Illustration 3” used the Hermetic Qabbalah rather than the Jewish Kabbalah template, and should be corrected to remove paths from Malkut to Netsach and Hod. Two additional paths, from Gevurah to Hokmah and from Hesed to Binah, are traditional in most versions of Jewish Kabbalah. You may find a graphic of the Jewish Kabbalah Tree here.

Additionally, Hod, represented in Hermetic Qabalah as a hermaphrodite, is dual gendered, not non-gendered.

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