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Response to Don Kraig’s call to Golden Dawn leaders

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Donald Michael Kraig has sent out a Call to the leaders of the Golden Dawn:

“If you do not support the goals and ideals of Greeceā€™s Golden Dawn, stand up and let people know this. Members and outsiders deserve to know.”

If you haven’t been introduced to the Greek political party calling itself “Golden Dawn”, Jason Pitzl-Waters has a good round up over at Wild Hunt: Link Roundup (scroll to paragraph three). Briefly, this racist party draws on Pagan trappings on occasion, thus inviting confusion with magical Golden Dawn orders.

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn has already made their stance clear: A Statement from The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn Against Racism.

For the record:

Sisters of Seshat is a sororal order in the Western Mystery Tradition with roots in the Golden Dawn tradition. Sisters of Seshat is in no way connected with the Greek political party Golden Dawn and does not support its goals and ideals. Our order welcomes all self-identified women regardless of religion, ethnic background, physical ability and sexual orientation.

I’m contacting local GD leaders as well.